What’s ICTJ?

  • The Federation of Information and Communication Technology Service Workers of Japan (ICTJ)
  • 247 affiliated unions, with 193,000 membership
  • ICTJ is an industrial federation, composed of trade unions from various sectors, mainly in the ICT services industries.

ICTJ has drawn up “21st Design of ICTJ” so that we could realize easy living society: not only economical abundance but various values are respected and we can choose various way of life. We carry out activities: improvement of working conditions, realization of Work and Life Balance, research of labor issues, international solidarity, consultations and create new union.


The source of union is solidarity among working people. In order to protect employment and living for all workers, ICTJ promotes creating new unions and develop their activities.

Policy Making

Working condition
Social security

Solidarity Action

Joint struggle
Political activity
International solidarity
Strengthen organization

Development of Industrial Relation and Businesses

To promote sound business development, ICTJ discusses about employment, working condition and business issues with company management on an equal basis.

Social Movement

Peace activity
Eco-Life activity
Fundraising for the society
Volunteer activity
Dialogue with university students

Legal Assistance for Members